Please excuse our wristbands

English cricketer Moeen Ali, who was spotted wearing wristbands that said “Save Gaza” and “Free Palestine” has been banned from wearing the bands, during international play. According to match referee David Boon, the bands breach international cricket council regulations. The referee allegedly told Ali that while he was free to express his views on such causes away from the cricket field, he is not permitted to wear the wristbands on the field of play. “England’s Moeen Ali warned over Pro Gaza test wristbands”

I’m sorry what?

I’ve always believed that the world would be a better place if we all just cared a little bit more. So why is it that people who make an effort to be conscious of the world around and them and stand for a cause, are nearly always singled out as “stepping out of line?”

There are people in this world, shooting missiles and rockets at one another as well as people abducting children. And we’re all mad because this guy wore two wristbands? Are you even serious right now?

How about you get a little mad, that there are people dying in Syria, Ukraine, Libya, and and and or that we still haven’t found hundreds of girls that were abducted.

Let’s be real.

We are humans. We are not created in a vacuum. When we come out into the world and interact with others we cannot divorce ourselves from our beliefs, we cannot simply cast aside our experiences and just be. It’s a lovely ideal, but it’s also unrealistic.
It is for this exact reason that the practice of Journalism is bittersweet. On some days I want to give myself a high five and on other days, I want to chop my hand off so I never write anything again (Okay, that was a little dramatic. leave me)

See, when you join a news organization anywhere in this world you are expected to follow certain ideals and standards, you become an extension of the organization and its values. You say what they say, you write what they write, and for at least 8 hours a day- you believe what they believe. In all this, there is bound to be some form of contestation- I mean really, what else are you expecting when you hire a living, breathing conscious being? (Apparently EVERYTHING, except an opinion )

Is this really it? Did I spend 5 years of my life nurturing this idea of fighting the good fight, and making a difference, just so I can be told to “change the angle” or just accept that “Its not a story”.Half the world is rallying for conscious and active activism, while the other half is steadily trying to shut it down.

And I’m just standing here, trying to wear my woman empowerment/Gender equality/Non racialism/Human rights/Palestine/Humanity/Living wage wristbands without being seen as “stepping out of line”. Whoever got the tender for these lines needs to rethink their whole strategy.

The world is not black and white; there is no finite line of right and wrong. There are no wristbands that are more significant than others. In the (very apt) words of Imraan Ballim: “I think the world needs to take a gap year and figure itself out.”

We must remember that there are no absolutes in this life. There is never a “right” side. There is no “with us or against us” Being Pro Palestine, doesn’t automatically qualify you as anti Semitic. My side is that of humanity, and the only “absolute” stand I take, is against the killing of people. Because NOBODY (regardless of all –Insert all politically correct terms here-) deserves that.

I’m sorry you don’t like our wristbands and our opinions; we wouldn’t have to wear them if you could all just get along.


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