Ndlela’nhle Tata, 1918- Forever.

I received a text from my friend this afternoon and she told me she was  expecting a piece on the death of our greatest leader on  my blog.

Unfortunately today, words fail me. I cannot find the words to express the admiration I have for this man. All I can say is, what a man. What an incredible man.  Lala ngoxolo tata, uyifezile indima yakho. Lala Mandela omhle.

(Rest in peace Tata, you have played your part, rest beautiful Mandela)

These are some photo’s I took at the Mandela residence in Houghton today. While I was walking up the road three boys walked towards the Mandela house. As we walked passed one another, the one asked “are there a lot of people there by Madiba’s place?” I told  him there were. Then he raised his flowers and said “Will they allow me to leave these?” Of course they will, I told him.

I wish I had gone back with him, to see him put those flowers down. Of all the tributes that have poured in all over the world today, this moment will stay with me forever. Just a young boy, who wanted to put three flowers down for the greatest man to have ever lived


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