Economic freedom in our lifetime, for who?

Dear Concerned Sceptic, EFF is about redressing the blatant theft that was legalised by the STILL VALID Natives Land Act of 1913, drawn up by the descendants of the Caucasian Settlers who arrived on our shores in 1652. I’ll leave it right here, cos I know you are smart enough to do the Maths for yourself. Regards, EFF Sympathiser.

This was a response I got to a little note I wrote to the EFF:

Dear EFF,
We are well aware that most of the wealth in South Africa is in the hands of minority group that happens to be white. You want to share the wealth of this country, with the rest of the people in our country who don’t have it. That’s all very good and well, but here’s what I want know. Are you going to take money from wealthy black people too? Because let’s be real, there are a lot of black people who “have made it” and share in this wealth of the minority. So if your whole Hoohah is about the economy and not race, I hope you are spreading the message to the nigga’s who’ve made it too.
Yours sincerely,

A black girl that isn’t sure about this Economic freedom you are promising me.

My greatest concern with the EFF has always been, the manner in which they will implement/ achieve this glorious ideal that many South Africans have bought into. Economic freedom, the idea that all South Africans shall share in the wealth of this country. I say ALL South Africans, because this is what I would like to believe the mandate is, freedom and equality for all. Yet I, like most people have this deep rooted concern that when the EFF say they are fighting for economic freedom, it doesn’t sound like this is a freedom that will benefit white South Africans.

No. One cannot deny the fact that the majority of our countries wealth is in the hands of a minority that happens to be white. (I say happens to be white, because not all white people are rich by virtue of being white). And as the response above has illustrated, we know that this is due to the divisions and inequalities that were sown in our country by colonisation and apartheid.

Even so, I feel as though we cannot ignore the fact that right here in 2013, there are some Black South Africans that “have made it”. They too, are sharing in a large deal of wealth, that many other black South Africans have no access too. So this begs the question, will these black people also be expected to share their wealth with the rest of us? Or are they exempt from this by virtue of the fact that they are black?

In our country, it is a reality that race and economy cannot be separated. However, this little rule of thumb, often blurs the lines, and allows certain facts to fall through the cracks. Facts such as: Rich black people do exist. And Poor white people also exist. Don’t say it, I know what you are thinking. “Those blacks are not as rich as the whites and those poor white people are not as poor as the black people”.

As far as I am concerned, there should be no degrees of wealth of poverty. People should be able to live, and when I say people in our South African context, I mean EVERYBODY: Black, white, Coloured, Asian, Indian.

In pursuing this ideal of Economic Freedom, it seems many EFF supporters have come to understand this as being exclusively for black people. It is not just about sharing the wealth of this country; it is more TAKING back “what is rightfully ours”. But from who?

From Ms EFF sympathiser it would be from: “the descendants of the Caucasian Settlers who arrived on our shores in 1652”.

So, in 2013 we want everything that the settlers stole from us in 1652.

While everybody is claiming that this is their land, may I kindly remind you that the only people who actually have any claim to this country are the Khoi San. And where are they? Somewhere in the background of history, completely forgotten. You want to talk about theft and exploitation, let’s talk about Sarah Bartmaan and her descendants. Where are they? Whose land are they living on? Whose wealth are they sharing?

So tell me, oh ye economic freedom fighters, who are you to decide who belongs and who doesn’t belong in South Africa?

All this nonsense about “The white people must go”, where do you expect them to go? White South Africans that were born and raised in South Africa only know South Africa. Where exactly do you expect them to go? Who are they going too, in Australia and Europe? This is their home. They have nowhere else to go.

What of white born free’s? Should they leave too? They didn’t live through apartheid, for them (Like most of us) Colonisation is a section in history that we have to pass, and for the more enlightened it is Chinua Achebe’s things fall apart.

I’ve heard some people say, we must do it like Zimbabwe. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that we can do what Zimbabwe did. Land redress is not a simple transaction of evacuation and occupation. What Zimbabwe has above us, is a solid education system and an educated nation. Things are incredibly shit right now, but best believe that that country has the brain power to get it together.

What do we have? Schools that don’t receive text books? Children that are studying under tree’s and children that have to wait years for their matric certificates. Evacuation and occupation is not going to fix this. These are issues that have nothing to do with White privilege. This is a failure of the government.

What I’m trying to say is that this hurried journey to the Promised Land is not going to happen overnight. There is no guarantee that putting a black man in charge of Anglo platinum means that he will take it to greater heights, there also isn’t a guarantee that he will pay his workers more than they are paid now.

Julius’ standard line before he was expelled from the ANC was, “You don’t have to be poor to champion the interests of the poor”. So basically he was saying, leave my wealth alone, I’ll get you your own wealth and we’ll get it from my white neighbour! He has three cars, I only have two.

Funny isn’t it? Those with everything fight among themselves, apparently for those with nothing.

Now that I am done Ranting about the EFF, I would just like to let you all know that I was a victim of Intellectual theft this evening. After I put up my letter to the EFF on face book, some guy totally copied and pasted it and signed it off with his by line which was “A black man that is dreaming of change”.

Seriously Black man that is dreaming of change! Have you never heard of plagiarism? And on top of that, he didn’t even have the decency to at least like the post before he stole it. So, if this letter of mine pops up elsewhere on the interwebs, just know that it is in fact my intellectual matter.


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