Knowing Sam

The Closure album.

” The Closure album.
Art by Zoe Beavon.

“ Crazy Sam” That’s what my friends and I called him, because at any given moment you are bound to bump into Sam playing an imaginary drum kit, or strumming on make believe guitar strings. This was when I realised that Sam was music. Every fibre of his being was a song just waiting to be sung, a melody waiting to be penned down.

Sam came back into my life two years ago, he was less mathsy and more musical and I think this was the best decision he ever made. Everything else after that is “two memory sticks and a dream” and consequently a 13 Track album called closure.

I can’t believe we actually did it, six years later I’m still flaming with the same spirit- Intro,Closure Album”

Closure is incredibly special for so many reasons. According to the man himself, “Life is no fairytale, this is no peter pan” I don’t know Sam, I think it is.
Closure is Samkele Ginindza in his entirety; the lyrics are reflection of a young man, who has been through it all. The disappointments that life throws at each of us, the little victories and the dreams that we hold so close to our hearts, the tomorrows that we have all dreamed of and the little heartaches that trip us up when we least expect it.

What strikes me the most about Closure is its sincerity. It’s one thing to listen to the Drakes of this world and think that their talking to you. But it’s another thing to listen to Sam and know that he has felt every emotion that he sings about and to know that all these songs come from a special place. A place that the even the man walking on the street has been too.

And let’s face it; at some point in our lives we all need closure. We all need to get to a place where we can leave all our shit behind and just walk away from it all, knowing that we have the strength to look back at it and be content that this where it ends.

When I think about the time when this album was being put together, so much has changed for a lot of people, including Sam himself. We all had to let go of certain people, we had to start again without them. I am so grateful that besides all of that this album came together the way it has. It is a reminder of the greatest time of our lives, a time when we had it all, yet at the same time; it is a symbol of the end.

“Everything we had the smiles and the frowns the good days and the bad, 
The laughter that we shared, the feeling was so special that I put ink on a pad ,
Its just a story of a lad, who just wanted to hold that hand and smile with her forever,
But then he had to understand, life isn’t no fairy tale” – Volcano, Closure album

I wish that everybody in this world could actually meet Sam before they listened to this album. Because its one hell of an experience, but it will only be a whole experience when you have been in Sam’s presence and watched him play his imaginary drums, because until then you will never really understand where this album comes from.

I remember when I first heard breakdown, it was raw. Just a few notes on a piano and a chorus. Breakdown was something from the get go, those notes were so haunting, it was a song that I couldn’t shake off, and I didn’t know what it was. I think it’s safe to say now, it was just that amazing.

And the man behind the song itself is even more amazing, just because he is so down to earth. A few weeks ago, I asked him to speak to a friend of mine who had been rejected from a blog that he really wanted to be on. I don’t know what Sam said to him, but it obviously changed something for him. Often when people hit the big time, they get caught up in the lights and the fame and then they become  something else. This isn’t a worry I have with Sam. I know in my heart that he will never change. He isn’t here for the fame; he’s here because this is what he was made to do and I hope he gets to do it for the rest of his life.

Samkele Ginindza

Samkele Ginindza

So this piece was not a Music review, I mean I am probably perfectly capable of doing one, but I didn’t think it would be fitting. Sam is not about formalities, He’s just a Swati boy in joburg that chased his dreams and is starting to live them out, and he’s won some and also had his fair share of losses.
But none of the lows ever stopped him from aiming higher, and I am so privileged to know this boy. He hasn’t put me in any of his music videos

but that’s alright. I know my time will come… right Sam??

So here’s what I’m saying, you don’t have to be extraordinary to fulfill your dreams. When it comes to dreams, there are no chosen ones. You just have to believe, even when no one else believes in you.

Life is short, have to live it, coz we have no guarantee, 
Here’s the dream here’s the team, 
God is my referee- Look at me, Closure Album

Sam I am so proud of you, and when you hit the big time I look forward to telling people that I used to make you sing Chris Brown songs for me. I will also tell the world that you make the worst noodles, and that you have Zero chill when it comes to salt. No, I will actually leave most of that out, I will just tell them, that you are going to be great!

“Let’s do this, and then shout out to the World , I hope you’re listening coz this is real. This is …”Intro,Closure album

This is a link to Breakdown, its so incredibly special to me. In fact I’ll go as far as to say, this is the song of my heartbreak.

“Now let us go our separate ways, coz I cannot deal with this breakdown, you’re talking about the good ol’ days, I cannot recall even one” -Heartbreak, closure album

and here is a link to Volcano. Sam has featured Yanano on this song. Yanano, like Sam is in the Wits Choir, and together they are IT.

I think its probably apt to end off this piece with a message from Sam:
“To the haters, here’s a letter, truly yours Mr. Sam”-Look at me, Closure album.


8 thoughts on “Knowing Sam

  1. This album is one of the best debuts I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen. Mr Sam is flying that Swazi flag tres high!!!
    Well done mkhaya!

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