A Noddy badge for Google translate

So, I am fully recovered from German measles and I have officially joined #TeamChineseInJohannesburg.

Yesterday, one of the girls told me that I could bypass the language barrier by using Google translate to translate my questions into Chinese.

So that’s what I did. I wrote up an introductory letter, explaining who I am, and what my research project is about and what I need help with. I typed that up into Google Translate, printed it out and went forth into the world to find myself a Chinese source.

I remembered that there is a young Chinese girl who works at a clothing shop in Emmarentia. I missioned there this afternoon, where I found her with another  young Chinese man. I was really excited to show them my letter, so I literally walked in there, said Hi and pulled out my letter.

They read it out loud, and sort of tried to understand some parts of the letter.

Em, had warned me earlier that Google translate wasn’t always very accurate. This is what she meant.

After they read the letter, Yen asked me to leave my contact details and he said he would message me later this evening.

At about 8:15 I received a text from Yen, that I suspect had also been Google translated as there was a bit of Chinese writing at the top the text.

In the message, (Possibly the longest Text I have ever received) Yen gave me a lot of information about arranged marriages, he said in some cases, people may meet the person their going to marry, the night before the ceremony.

His text also touched on ancient Chinese Traditions, and how young Chinese are slowly pulling away from that favouring more western weddings.

At the end of that very informative text, Yen added “I’m sorry, this is all I know”

And I thought to myself, what a hero. What a humble hero!

Anyway, I have an appointment with Yen tomorrow morning again, so I need to get my next Google translate letter ready! So we can delve a little deeper into arranged marriages, I am looking forward to it!

I think I am also going to tweet Google and let them know that their getting a noddy badge from me! 


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