Bring a can if you can

THE Education student council (ESC) held a talent show “Bring a can if you can campaign” at Linder Auditorium, on education campus, earlier this week.This was an awareness campaign, in order to help students at the campus who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and cannot afford to get food.

Incoming chairperson Mpmelelo Sangweni said, the event was also to promote the education campus as it is often “Not taken as a wits school”.Former Vice chairperson of the ESC Njabulo Mkhize raised the same concern when he said,“There is a general view that the bachelor of education course is easy and studied by ‘less smart’ people. Education Campus has a history of being silent and boring thus many education students (all the way from first year) are disgruntled when seeing the comparison between main and education campus.
Sangweni said, they hoped to attract a lot of people from main campus, so that they would bring a can of food with them for their campaign, hence the affordable price. The entrance fee charged to watch the contest was R10.
Sangweni said the cans collected would be distributed to less fortunate students, as identified by Mr Zungu, head of student affairs.

Vukile Junior Kamtala, 1st year education, said the event would not only help the energy of the campus, but also help the less fortunate. He also said, although the talent show was somewhat of an “Informal” fundraiser, it would still make a difference.“You don’t have to know where it’s coming from, but someone out there cares” he said.

Kamtala will be one of the students benefiting from the campaign and to this he responded, “I pass off as a well spoken person, but that doesn’t mean I can support myself – its all about humanity”.
The show had 20 contestants, who were judged by SRC Treasurer Justice Nkomo, VoW Fm DJ Sam Kaase, Dj Mlungu as well as Musician Psyfo.

The winners of the show were Makopi who came in third, reciting a poem. Willem came in second after a classic rendition, while Wits movers took first place after bringing down the house with their pantsula / kwaito dance routine.


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