Spanner in the works.

So like…

I have measles and I am supposed to be out and about doing research for my in depth project. This is awkward.

It’s not a train smash though.

This means that I just have to spend a little more time doing desktop and telephonic research. And as the universe would have it, this led me to another interesting topic Chinese marriage.

I read up about the week long celebrations and how the bride must always cry when her groom comes to fetch her to show that she is sad to leave her family. All in all, it sounded like a big Jol, with fireworks.

But while I read on, I quickly found that it isn’t exactly a big jol. There are cases of forced marriages in China.

When I found this, I thought. Yup, this is the one. This is what my In depth assignment is going to be about, forced marriages.

Not an easy topic, but then again, when have I ever gone for the easy topics? In my other mind, I am still working on Chinese sex workers and where there is a will, there’s a way. Best believe.

Now that I’ve found an aspect of Chinese Johannesburg that I am really interested in, I am quite amped to get back in there.

I just need my body to play along and speed up its “get rid of this virus” process. Come on body, there’s people to see, things to do, stories to tell!

Tomorrow, I hope my joints will be a little less achy, as a sign of recovery. But other than that, the going keeps going. 


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