Cry my beloved SRC

Please be advised that the following post is made in my personal capacity and not as a Vuvuzela Journalist.

I cannot begin to express how disappointed I am in the Wits SRC.

This evening Miners and activists of the Marikana Massacre were escorted out of the Ruth First memorial lecture at the great hall, after they were denied an opportunity to speak to Trevor Manuel.

The Deputy president of the SRC was present at that lecture. An hour before that a large group of PYA members were at the great hall, picketing and performing for fun.
But when those Miners got up to speak, nobody was there for them.

Marikana happened here, in our home, on our soil, and you have nothing to say?
But you’ll bring the university to a stand still for Israel Apartheid.

Fathers, uncles, brothers lost their lives in that massacre and when it matters the most, you have nothing to say?



One thought on “Cry my beloved SRC

  1. That’s the sad reality of us South Africans. We are suppose to be brothers and sisters (united) care for each other and stand up for each other. I used to think that blood was thicker than water, but I don’t believe in it anymore. Your own blood can ignore what you are going through, the bad experiences you go through. A person who you don’t even know will get your utmost attention. Donations, your voice, your time. But shame sad reality is South Africans are very ignorant. I don’t know if its fear of what other people will say but it must stop. Viva Marikana support, love and care Viva.

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