I just friendzoned myself.

I think I have the  herp and I just friend zoned myself.

I don’t understand, am I like the go to life when the universe is bored? Cause it isn’t fair.

I am a good person, I am kind, I am friendly and I am not a sferb! But obviously that counts for nothing in the world.

I’m probably being punished for my weekend antics, because that is how my life works, One fuck up, followed by a series of fuck ups.

Have I not suffered enough? I had aching feet this whole weekend and nobody to rub them for me, then I poured off Milk into my cereal and to top it all off I spent the whole day sitting in Hillbrow Court for a case that A) Happened yesterday and B) was struck off the roll. G_d, when it rains it pours.

Now Im sitting here, blogging under emotional influence which I will probably regret tomorrow. I am also eating my feelings which I will regret when I am 35 and have to get my clothes made because nothing fits me.

I have spent the last 20 Minutes being a “Shoulder to cry on” to the boy I have a crush on.

I consoled him, while he told me about a Sferb that disappointed him, basically I just said :

I totally have a crush on you, but don’t worry, I know my way to the friendzone. I’ll just go and set up camp there.

Now I’m sitting here playing Taylor’s swift- You belong with me.

Only, he will never be with me, because she’s a sferb and I’m not.

G_d I hate sferbs. I think I hate boys more.

What is the point??

Oh and I don’t really have the Herp, I was just being dramatic. Well I hope I don’t have the Herp, because If I do, I’m just going to throw myself in front of the next Tuk Tuk I see.



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