The disclaimer I forgot to hand out.

Okay. Yes i’ll admit it. I have alot of Issues.
But it was never your responsibility to try and fix me. I learnt awhile ago, that you cant always think that you can save people or fix them, the best you can do is make them happy for awhile and hope that they sort themselves out eventually.

Life has a funny way of teaching us its lessons and I honestly believe that regardless of how long it takes, we will ALL learn the lessons that we are supposed to, when the time is right, some learn them faster than others while the rest of us have to wait it out until everything starts to make sense. I may not be, everything you thought I was, but you see. I don’t have to be.

I may as some put it still be “Immature”, but im getting there, one day at a time. I may not deal with issues the same way you do, or as fast as you could, but as they say, just because im losing it doesn’t mean I’ve lost,regardless of what you or anybody else thinks of me, My life is still going on. I may be in the slow lane, compared to you and your life, but the fact that im waking up everday even when I dnt want to, means im on my way. And that’s more important than what anybody else thinks. “People dont just leave you, its because of the way you treat them” I don’t see it that way.

Someone once said that, you’ve always gotta trust the universe to unfold exactly the way it’s meant to.That to me, means that the universe will provide with everything you need to get by. That’s why we have those people that stick by you, issues or not. The people that Don’t turn your back on you, even when you give up on yourself,and those people are what you need to get By.

Everyone else that walks out on you, I suppose was never meant to be there.
That doesnt mean that thier bad people or that your broken beyond repair, it just means that you can do without them, and it’ll be helleva hard at first, but as time goes by, you’ll wake up one morning and realise that the universe or God had it all worked out and you shoudnt have worried in the first place. So. im sorry if I did you wrong and I wasnt everything i was supposed to be, but thats just how it is.

What I am at this very moment is enough for me and im getting by just fine, immaturity, issues and all! I may not be where you are, but Im smiling where I am, and it may not be as sunny as the place where you’re at, but you know what? Iv got an umbrella and I’m dancing through the stormy weather, because No one can make it go away, but im quickly learning that, its best to pack your own sunshine and be as ready as you can for those kinda days, because believe you me, they will come and if I spend all my life worrying about what the people around me say about me, im gonna sink.
Im where im supposed to be and im doing just fine(“,)


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