For my one (who was never my one) and his Cinderella

.@Nomatter_N: “Don’t read little girls fairytales, spare them the BS, aint no princes and happily ever after’s outchea#WaltDisneySoldMeDreams”

I cannot believe I actually tweeted this? I mean I own a freaking Tiara that I strut around in every night! I cry every time the beast falls in love with Belle.

Yeah okay, so my fairytale is a little messed up right now, I’ve just been kicked out of my pumpkin Carriage and another girl is driving off into the sunset with MY prince, I won’t lie this is very shitty, but look past my story for a second- *Points to carriage driving away* Their having a happily ever after. There they are driving off into the sunset and that’s exactly how a happily ever after goes.

It sucks that this isn’t my happily ever after, but that doesn’t make it any less happy for them. Think about all the people further down the carriage way, they never saw me being pushed out of the carriage and they never saw me, hurling rocks at the carriage and crying like a psycho. As far as they can tell, a happy couple has come along and they are happy! The people will throw confetti, blow trumpets and admire her beautiful dress. The birds will chirp, and the little girls in the village will put flowers in their hair and twirl around in their dresses imagining their happily ever after moment .The boys will peep around corners stealing looks at the girl of their dreams, thinking “One of these days, I’ll get you a carriage like that and we’ll have our own happy ever after”

I believe in fairytale endings. I do.
I believe that “she” will wake up one day and find that she’s missing him and she’ll make her way back to the corner where’d they meet and he’ll be right there, waiting.

I believe that Times square will never shine as bright as Delilah, one day “ He’ll” pay the bills with his guitar and every simple song he’ll write for her will take her breath away and they’ll have it all, they’ll have the life they knew they would.

I believe that he will leave the door on the latch, in case she ever comes back, they’ll be a light in the hall, they’ll be a smile on his face, the kettle will be on and it’ll be like she never left.

I believe that Picture perfect memories will be scattered on the floor, it’ll be a quarter after one, she’ll be a little drunk and she’ll need him, and-He’ll be there.

I believe that when he sees her face, there won’t be a thing he’ll change because she’s amazing just the way she is.

I believe that she means to him, what he means to her, and if he’s got her, he doesn’t need money, he doesn’t need a car, and there will be hearts all over the world that will feel the way he does with her”

I believe that “he will do better by her, because that’s what she deserves, while he’s off chasing his dreams, she will know that he’s hers to keep. She won’t ask for diamond rings nor a string of pearls and that’s why he’ll write a song for his beautiful girl”

Sometimes your “One” is someone else’s “One” The boy you want to be with is meant to be with somebody else. If you keep holding onto him though, you will never be able to find your one to hold onto.
There’s a reason there is only one prince in fairytales, there is a reason why the glass slipper only fit Cinderella.

I know sometimes it feels like there are poison apples being thrown left right and centre, and that there’s more than one wicked witch, but you know what “By the time you get through, the world will never ever be the same”

I take back everything I said, let little girls read fairytales, buy them tiara’s and let them watch all the Disney movies over and over again, because one day they’ll find their prince, the glass slipper will fit, the tiara will never lose its sparkle, the clock wont strike 12oclock, and happily ever after will happen.

So, to my mistaken one and your Cinderella.
I hope the popsicles will always pop in your “flavour”. I hope you miss all the poison apples, I hope the ball is attended to by everyone you love, and that happy ever after happens for you-over and over again.

“Can you feel this magic in the air?, It must have been the way you kissed me,
Fell in love when I saw you standing there It must have been the way,
Today was a fairytale”


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