A dismal attempt at pyscho from the chronicles of a broken heart.

You are now in a relationship???? I’m sorry what??

I thought WE were going through a break up, I am still crying like a crying thing of life, in between howling out various sad songs and you are in a new relationship?

Yeah No, that doesn’t work for me. Not so much. How can you do this??  You are not allowed too, you are totally breaking the rules of engagement.

That Destiny’s child survivor song “I’m not going to hate on you on the internet” Forget that.

I have a broken heart and yes I am about to go psycho.

What the hell is going on here? What is it with boys! Have you not a single bone of sensitivity in your body? Have u just woken up in like three weeks (No, It hasn’t even been a month.) and decided that you are over everything?

Cause I am not.

So while I am busy bawling my eyes out and nursing my aching heart please respect my misery! I don’t need to know that you are happy and over it. I want you to be happy, but you know what? I am not ready to see you happy while I am walking around with a broken heart, having cry attacks every 3 hours.

Boys are so stupid, no. I am stupid because I have known this vital piece of information, but I choose to ignore it when it suits me. So maybe I shouldn’t be crying like a crying thing of life, because I should have known better.

If only I had followed the advice I gave to everybody else in the world, I wouldn’t be here right now.

How did I get here? How did you get there?

Did I miss all the “Turn here to forget” signs? I want to go back then, I want to turn around right now and find them all.  Actually, I want to trade in all our memories and buy bottles of champagne.

Champagne doesn’t pull stunts, like boys do. Just saying…

I don’t even have the strength to be as psycho as I wanted to be.

Its fine, be in a new relationship, be happy.

It’s not about US being happy anymore. Now we’ve both just got to be happy by ourselves and unfortunately it’s going to take a lil longer for one of us. (i.e. Me)

No, I am not dealing.



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