Dear Wits SRC

It is that time of the year again, where students are fed pamphlets full of Propaganda and are manipulated into voting for that perfect person that has their best interests at heart.

Have you asked yourself  what your voting for, nevermind why?

Before election season the SRC sits in their offices and “does things for us” and if you ask any random person on campus, what the SRC does for them, thier most likely to respond by saying they help with exclusions, which is all very well and proper, they must be commneded for thier efforts in that regard, however. what about the people that are not failing, or being financially excluded, what is the SRC doing for them?

I am being represented by a group of people that i do not know, yet they claim to have my best interests at heart, they are politically affiliated, i am not, how then do they have my best interests in mind, how are they representing me?

How many people could actually recognise our SRC President, if he had to walk into my house right now, i wouldnt know who he was, and yet, he is representing to me.

My issues do not concern the ANC or the DA, my battles are with the never ending bearucratic system at wits that directly affects my education and the Ruling party as far as im concerned has nothing to do with that.

I was approached by a campaigner from *Team A at lunch today, who gave me a pamphlet and told me to vote for thier particular candidates, i told him i was only going to vote for one candidate whom i knew and trust to represent me fairly, the campaigner had the audacity to tell me that there was no point in voting for one candidate “what is he going to do when he goes up against the DA”- I dont care what he does when he comes up against the DA, my concern is what he does when he goes up against wits management and all that red tape that makes my stay at wits most unpleasant. If i wanted to vote for the ANC, I would have voted in the national elections, and since I didnt, I dont wanna have to vote for them at Varsity.

By asking me to vote for candidates whom i’ve never seen or heard of , i am not making a diffrence to my own varsity life, im representing you, and your needs rather than my own, and after you get my vote, i might be lucky enough to meet the SRC president or hear a tid bit about how your going to make varsity easier and more enjoyable for me, while you sit in your offices and “do things for me.”

My friends and i asked another campaigner if there were any Zimabwean candidates, the campaigner proceeded to point to a candidate with a venda surname and insisted that he was Zimababwean. Really? You dont know your own fellow students, but you want to represent them?

I found it very disturbing that the SRC creeped into my facebook, not beacuse of the elections, but beacuse they apparently organised for Trey songs to come to wits.

Is that what why take notice of our SRC? because they bring us celebrities??

I will not vote for an SRC That only comes out of thier office when they need me to help them get back into it. I will note vote for an SRC that is politically affiliated and focused more about what theyl do when “they go up against the DA” I will not vote for an SRC that isbt at all consciouss of its own students,i will not vote in an election that allows for hollywood backstabbing antics, where people’s faces are cut out of posters.

I will not vote for an anonymous “all knowing” power, that knows nothing about me!

For all those who are voting, Hold the people whom you vote for accountable.

At the end of the Day, this is your University, it is your interests  that should be at the forefront of these elections.

Make Sure that your SRC represents you, Do not represent them.

As for me, I will continue to have little revolutions in my head and one of these days- The SRC will know my name.

Written Aug 2011, But will probably be relevant forever.


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