Before the Goverenment Abducts me, they should know…

Martin Luther king once said “Our lives begin to end, the moment we keep quite about things that matter” he also said that “In the end, it is not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends that we will remember”

One of my friends told me to becareful what i write or say about Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe, incase i just dissapear.

Well, incase I do dissapear, I have a couple of things to say.

1. Jacob Zuma, The UN and the AU must stop lying to thmeselves.

These diplomatic trips that they take to Zimabawe in an attempt to better the situation, are not working. You have BEEN travelling to Zimbabwe and what have you achieved? the media is still censored, free elections, are as good as unicorns-Non existent. You might aswell stay in your little offices  and skype each other about the weather, instead of using Tax payers money to visit one another, play golf and smile for the camera’s, atleast you wont be wasting your time and insulting our intelligence.

2. Mr Mugabe, these “British imperialists” that are a threat  to your wonderful Zimbabwe (Which may I remind you, has no currency of its own and still follows the british Education system) will never do your people as much Harm as you have, believe you me. Nobody else in this world will ever terrorize the people of Zimbabwe in the way that you have.

3.Land Reform- What was the point?? Get rid of all the white Farmers in Zimbabwe and give the land back to its rightful owners, Well done Mr Mugabe! I see your economy is booming now, The farms are sustaining their rightful owners and they are managing them just fine, while the white farmers are now suffering wherever they are.

4. Elections. (They do not exist and therefore there is nothing to be said about them)

5. We acknowldge and appreciate ZANUPF’S role in gaining Independence for Zimbabwe, However, that was then, this is now. We dont owe you anything-what do we give a man, who has taken away anything and everything we ever had?

I suppose I will now Dissapear from the bustop one afternoon never to be seen again.

At what point did the people start to fear the goverenment? You put those people into power and now you dont have the guts to question them? You’d rather let them screw you over than stand up for yourselves? What are you going to tell your children???

Just beacuse everybody supposedly knows the truth, it does not mean it must go unsaid!

What are we waiting for? Morgan Tsvangarai amd the MDC to do something? What happens when the MDC suddenly dies like General Mjuru??

Time is Ticking, You think you have Time, you dont and before you know it- You too will be Dead. Your silence will kill you. Incase you havent realised, the Zimbabwean Goverenment isnt very fussy, those who have something to say will be eliminated, just as those who have nothing to say.

A couple of hours ago I was told “Just stay in the dark, it wont kill you”

I Refuse. If the President or his Governement has something to say- They can step into my Office.


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