[Insert deep and meaningful title here]

It’s late. Why am I awake?

I’m way past attempting to do this assignment.

I should be asleep. Why am I awake?

I know why. Because its 01:05AM. This is the tomorrow that they promised me, would be better than yesterday.

I feel cheated, it’s not better. But then again, I’ve cheated myself Haven’t I? I knew I didn’t believe them. I wanted to, but I knew for a fact that I didn’t.

I’m not okay. I’m not over it. It’s exhausting.

This vicious cycle of I’m fine, I’ve accepted it, its okay, it’s not okay, I’m angry, I’m sad, things will work out, there’s nothing to work out. It’s exhausting.

There are no broken hearts on the dance floor, and pasta salad is good for aching hearts.

You can’t always be on a dance floor and there’s only so much pasta salad one can eat.

It’s exhausting.

Apparently it’ll be better in 4 months, according to the formula.

Has it not been four months yet?

This time thing.

You have all the time in the world, to remember, to forget and it just goes on and on…

It’s better to be okay and to be over it, Coz when you are, your asleep at this time, nothing is exhausting.

I still have a whole 23 hours of the better tomorrow they promised me, who knows! I might crack a smile at the 8th hour; I’ll probably be okay around the 11th.

I’ll be busy, I’ll be fine. I’ll be exhausted.

I won’t remember.


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