Growing pains…and all that jazz!

Sue. We’ve come a long way from downing cheap bottles of vodka in people’s bathrooms”

I can’t believe that 5 years ago, this is what every Friday night was like for my best friends and I, missioning to the bottle store, to get some “stash” and then missioning over to the boys in Parkview, where we would “Down cheap bottles vodka in the bathroom” and then fall into a drunken depression and cry about the boys that we “loved so much”, but never looked our way…

Where has the time gone? When did we stop drinking cheap vodka? When did we stop crying when we got drunk? It’s funny, when you’re young, all you want to do is grow up, you want to have a boyfriend, you want to go to varsity, and you want your independence, and when you finally get all of that, all you want is to be young again…

I’ve been an emotional wreck this week, looking at every picture I’ve ever taken with my friends, half laughing and crying, while the memories play out in my head like a film with no sound. I guess I’m afraid, that soon there will be no more bunking lectures to go to McDonald’s, there will be no ledging and fashion policing, there will be no drunken escapades, and crazy declarations of love and and and..

Nonetheless, in my moping and crying, I realised that, I’m suddenly so afraid of growing up, that I forget that I’ve already done a lot of growing up. I’ve stopped stalking people on facebook- Okay that’s a lie. But, I’ve had to give up on things and people that I really want/want to be with, because i know that it just won’t work, I’ve had to leave a little more room for disappointment, and I’ve had to fight back a lot tears, that my 16 year old self would have easily just put out there, and although it’s been hella hard, I’ve managed, and it’s not so bad!

So I’m getting older, and there’s not much I can do about it, but the cool thing is that, it only happens once year, so I have 365 days to learn how to cope with broken hearts instead of scrapped knees, and how to hold adult conversations instead of passing notes around, but how hard can that be??

Yes. It sucks that soon, I won’t be with the star squad every day, that I’ll have bills to pay and all that jazz, but there are definitely things to look forward to:

  1. Graduation
  2. My first apartment
  3. Getting married
  4. Beating my kids in syllables( Every black kid knows what this means)
  5. Asking my Kids questions and then yelling at them for back chatting when they answer.
  6. Going out on weeknights
  7. Abusing the work phone (Which I don’t do enough right now)
  8. Complaining about the government to petrol attendants (My uncle does that, seems very adult like)
  9. Balling on a proper budget.
  10. Reading this blog and thinking: “Thank God I grew up”


“I dedicate this to my friends
Who’ve made it through these years
Another crazy story ends…

Looks like we all survived
This chaos, it made us
Lucky to be alive
We made it
Half wasted out”- Tweak; sunny days ❤


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