Letter to a serial rapist.

Dear Serial Rapist.

Thank you for reading my blog. Your comment on it was very disturbing (Maybe the Hobo was too scared to rape you, so he was hoping you would make the 1st move) so much so, that I felt that you need to be Addressed.

Mr Serial Rapist, it is people like you that make this world a horrible place to be, it is probably because of people like you that the rest of us must endure traumatic episodes of Dr Phil and the likes. It is also, people like you, who grate my guava.

Even so, I like to believe that this world is a happy place, and that there are a few misguided individuals (You fit here). As I said though, my naïve self is happy to imagine that you are probably a very smart person, with a wonderful smile, I imagine that you like to dance in the rain, and that sometimes when you’ve had a bad day you have some ice cream.

I don’t know. I just attract people like you, but its alright, I have a very big heart and I am also very forgiving, so I will pretend that you just thought you were being funny and well, it didn’t work out too well, did it?…It actually did, I mean now you have an entire blog dedicated to you! I also happen to be a very good writer so you should be happy… somehow!

By the way Mr serial rapist, although you stumbled upon my blog in the world wide web,(I shudder to think, what you were actually searching for) this little blog with all its four followers is MY world, and in my world, I don’t phux around like that.

Also, I think it would be best if you took a little vacation Mr serial Rapist, perhaps you will find more interesting things to do with your time along your Journey.

Keep your pants on, try to stay out of jail and stop posting disturbing comments on my blog.
Thank you, and Goodnight.

Ps. because you really need it, >HUG<


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