Hello Hi, Welcome to my blog (Read as: the most amazing blog on this earth)

My name is Nomatter Ndebele

(as in nomatter what without the what -get it? It’s a Zimbabwean thing ,thanks mom!)
Anyways, here’s the deal:
I am a super hero, the chosen one and I’m going to save the world.
While the world prepares itself, I am zoning around with my Journalism degree trying to find someone to give me a break, a job, both.
I dance at bustops ,sing off key and make a noise about things close to my heart, in the hope that somebody out there will hear me out.

In this little blog of mine, you will find my life story, under Hobo escapades, and the World’s life story under the war correspondent in the newsroom,this section also serves as my online portfolio. You will also find out why this blog is called Ahobostolemychips- Yes a Hobo did try to steal my chips.

oh and before I forget,

[Insert something deep and meaningful here]

Stay Golden,


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. im looking for my younger sister her name is nomatter ndebele we wer staying in gwanda @ first and our parents separeted in 1997 then we wer taken in our grandfather’s house in sizinda then things went bad then our grandmothers young sister took us its when we lost each other pliz if ther is someone who knows this gal pliz contact me on this number 0027730262705 pliz coz icant even eat or sleep our father is atra ndebele and he passed away in 2003

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